Terms & Conditions

Welcome to OMG Scooter, your trusted scooter rental service in Sydney, NSW. Before you proceed with renting our scooters, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. By renting a scooter from OMG Scooter, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions:

Return of the Scooter:

You must return the scooter to the designated OMG Scooter depot at the agreed-upon time.

Alcohol and Drugs:

You are prohibited from driving the scooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You consent to be tested if required.

Driver’s License:

You and any co-drivers listed must possess a valid motor driver’s license.

Co-Driver Responsibility:

If a co-driver is listed, you are responsible for any breaches of these conditions by the co-driver.

Vehicle Usage:

    • You are the only authorized driver of the scooter.

    • The scooter should only be driven on sealed roads.

    • Avoid driving through water, including rivers, creeks, and flooded roads.

    • Do not willfully damage the scooter, including carrying items on the roof.

Key Replacement:

A $500 replacement key charge will be imposed if the key is not returned with the scooter.


You must return the scooter with a full tank of unleaded petrol. Shortages will be charged at $3.50 per liter.


The scooter should be returned in a clean condition. A $50 cleaning fee applies if not.

No Smoking, Vaping, or Pets:

Smoking, vaping, or carrying pets in the scooter is prohibited. A $200 cleaning fee applies if violated.

Towing and Repairs:

You must seek permission from OMG Scooter before towing or repairing the scooter.

Traffic Infringement Fees:

A $25 administration fee will be charged for each traffic infringement, in addition to the fine.

Fair Use Policy:

The scooter should not be used for security patrols or courier deliveries.

Credit Score Check:

You consent to your personal details being used to obtain an Equifax Credit Score. A score of 600+ is required to rent a scooter.

Interstate Travel:

  • A $150 fee applies if the scooter is taken into Victoria or Queensland (south of Bundaberg).
  • The scooter must not be taken into South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, or Queensland (north of Bundaberg).

Accidents and Damages:

  • In the event of an accident, do not leave the scene until the police arrive.
  • Obtain all necessary details and assist OMG Scooter in recovering damages.
  • Do not admit or apportion blame.
  • Complete a Police Report and the OMG Scooter damage report form within 24 hours.
  • Confirm that you and the listed co-driver have valid driver’s licenses.
  • You are responsible for all damages, including theft if the key is not returned to OMG Scooter.

Payment Authorization:

You authorize OMG Scooter to debit your Visa or Mastercard for the following:

  • Agreed charges.
  • All road toll charges incurred, plus a $1 administration fee for each toll.
  • A $5,000 charge for each occurrence of damage to the scooter.
  • The cost of all damages related to a breach of these conditions.

Cancellation within 30 Minutes:

If you return to OMG Scooter within 30 minutes of signing the agreement with doubts about the scooter or the conditions, the Owner will cancel the agreement and reimburse the full deposit.

Business Hours:

OMG Scooter’s business hours are displayed on our website. We are closed on Public Holidays. Charges apply until the scooter is checked in during business hours.

Tracking Device:

OMG Scooter may monitor the scooter with a tracking device. Failure to return the scooter within the agreed time may be considered theft, and OMG Scooter may take appropriate actions, including involving the police and circulating personal details with photographs.


All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).


**Please make sure to fully understand and comply with these terms and conditions before renting a scooter from OMG Scooter. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing OMG Scooter for your scooter rental needs.



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